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India is a vibrant democracy.India is a rich country in producing Chillies, Turmeric, Prawns which are consumed locally and exported globally. we have a huge surplus amount which is the best in terms of quality among numerous other countries. Lara Exports Company head office is located in Guntur, the capital of Andhra Pradesh located very near to major sea ports of India. Guntur is the major producer of many Products like chillies, Turmeric, Prawns and so forth making it the best place for the exporters to do business. We belong to Guntur city we have well-connected associations with local farmers so that we can avoid middlemen and can get you the products at much lesser prices compared to competitors.

Lara Exports is a supplier of Dried Red Chillies in India and an exporter of Dried Red Chillies to countries like Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, Singapore, Srilanka, Australia, USA, UK and so forth. We are very friendly when it comes to Interacting with our clients by maintaining quality standards and competitive pricing of Dried Red Chillies. Our business model is on a win-win plan.We always look for our client’s success in their respective field, if you succeed then we succeed..


The pursuit of excellence has fine-tuned our quality control contributing to our reputation and our growth. An experience based on step-by-step quality control system has ensured client satisfaction.

Our well-defined system makes us provide you with quality Dried Red Chillies of world class standards. Our products will go through the vigorous quality testing process so that you get only the finest quality of the Dried Red Chillies we offer.



  • We are a team of extremely ambitious business minded people.
  • We specialize in B2B Business model.
  • We supply products which are abundant in our region enabling us to quote you at the most competitive prices you can’t even Imagine.
  • Quality products packed with high-quality standards so the product won’t get damaged while in transfer.
  • Regardless of experience in Importing to your country, We can guide you all the way through,we can even offer door-to-door delivery of your ordered products.


  • We at Lara Exports are very serious when it comes to doing business and far more serious about the success of our clients in their respective fields. We care for you.
  • We aim to reach higher levels and become the world’s acclaimed Dried Red Chilli exporters.
  • Even we only hire the people who are determined about their career.

Red Chilli

North Americans brought chillies to India many years ago.Year’s being, Indians have owned the Dry Red Chillies and made it one of the important spice in Indian cuisine. India turned into the largest producer and consumer of Red chillies. High quality red chillies are produced in India.

Guntur is a major chilli producer in Andhra pradesh state. Kashmiri chilli from North India, Byadgi chilli from Karnataka. Guntur produces lot of varieties. Most famous chillies majorly exported from India are Teja-s17, Sannam-s4, Sannam-334, Byadgi  and so forth.
Indian chilli is famous for its pungency, colour and taste. We can provide you with highest quality chilli, with or without stem.

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Raja Kunapareddy


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