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As a lara exports supplier of Dried Red Chillies, Devanur Deluxe Red Chilli is also know as DD and is one of the most famous type of Chillies and has an humongous demand throughout the World for making Chilli Powder. It is also known as Semi Wrinkled Chilli . When it comes to the physical Properties of DD red chilli, it is physically Longer in size and Dark red in colour and contains less seeds. It contains pungency value ranging in between 25,000 SHU – 35,000 SHU. DD Red Chilli has ASTA colour value of 90-180 ASTA and can grow upto a length of 9-12cms without stem. DD Red chilli is mainly used in making Red Chilli Powder and for cooking in cuisines.


We at lara exports can supply you with the best quality Devanur Deluxe red chillies at reasonable prices. we are really flexible when it comes to your customized requirement. we can supply you with the Best, Medium-Best, Medium or any other quality DD Dried Red chilli contingent upon your order. Regarding your prerequisite we can supply stemless chillies of DD variety with customized product packing. we have a specialized team waiting to serve you with the best we could offer. Please contact us through online talk box or order for quotation and we will revert to you with a prompt response.

334 Red chilli

Product Details.

Physical PropertiesSemi wrinkle, Long size, Bright red in color & less seeds
Pungency25000 SHU to 35000 SHU
Color90 ASTA to 180 ASTA
Length9cm to 12cm without stem

Export Packing Details.

Origin: Indian.
Moisture: Less than 10%.
Extraneous Matter: 0%.
Unripe and Marked Fruit: Less than 2% of weight.
Broken Fruit Seeds and Fragments: Less than 5% of weight.
Total Ash on Dry Basis: Less than 10% .
Insect Damaged Matter: 0%.
Shelf Life: 1 Year.
Packing: As per customer requirement (Jute bags , PP bags etc).
Payment: LC.
Dispatch: With in 10 days of order confirmation.

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